Synap IoT Sensor

Internet of Thing Sensors made simple. Our IoT sensors is connected to Microsoft Azure IoT Hub in less than 5 minutes. It has never been easier!

We have made Internet of Things simple with our Modular Sensor Platform. Install an IoT Sensor in 5 minutes. No coding skills needed. Unbox the Sensor, install it and start receiving data in your Microsoft Azure IoT hub instantly. It has never been easier and more user friendly

Order your IoT Sensor today!

You can now order the Synap IoT Sensors. Our sensors are sold on 2 different subscription plans. Pay monthly or pay once a year and save on month.

Starting an IoT project has never been easier!

We have developed our own hardware platform, where we in one single box can fit 86 different Sensor Probes measuring everything from Temperature to Co2, and with our Software in the Sensor, it’s possible to install the sensor in under 5 minutes, and start receiving data in Microsoft Azure IoT Suite. All in the same uniform encoding and with no further manipulation needed.

Now System Integrators can go to one Hardware Supplier and select precisely which sensors they need, and start creating the solution for their Customer. An End-user can also buy 15 Sensors and create their own IoT Monitoring solution in the Cloud. It is that easy.

Want to become a partner or integrator?

Synap is looking for pertners and integrators worldwide. If you want to offer your Customers an Off the Shelf IoT Hardware Platform then join us.

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