Make IoT Simple and accessible to all, and to measure Everything

About us

Synap is an abbreviation of Synapse. The synapses are the threads in a human brain associated with each other, which makes our brain function and can process large amounts of data. At Synap, our goal is to deliver data from sensors directly to our customers. Our solution is simple and simple. Our customers simply tell us what to measure and we then deliver the desired data where customers want it. No two solutions are the same.

Synap was founded by Peter Jordan. Our office is located in Mallorca, Spain, but we operate all over the world. 95% of our sensors are located outside Denmark.

Contact us if you would like to hear more about our customer-adapted sensor solutions, and hear how we can help you and your business get started with IoT.

Our Fantastic Team

Peter Jordan

CEO & Founder

Peter Jordan is our CEO. Peter is the one you go to if you want to talk nerdy stuff about IT, IoT and Business Intelligence. Peter is also in charge of our Investor Relations and Partners.

You can get in touch with Peter on +45 5143 4967

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