Synap SafeGuard™ is a Platform with hardware and software specifically for the food handling industry. Our customers are manufacturers of cooler and freezers that are sold to supermarkets, restaurants, industry kitchens, Café’s and bakers.

Synap SafeGuard™ is an OEM product consisting of 3 items:

  • SafeGuard™ PCB
  • SafeGuard™ Temperature Probe
  • SynCore™ Platform as a Service

Synap SafeGuard™ is a temperature logging and monitoring platform that enables the following for our customers:

  • Remotely monitor their products after they have left the factory and installed at their customer
  • Get instance notifications in their service department if a product malfunction
  • Receive Service Requests with all product information and history, directly from their customer if a product malfunction
  • Predictive Maintenance using Machine Learning
  • Analyse data and based on data tailor Service Agreements more precisely
  • Access to a new direct communication channel to their customers using the SynCore © Platform
  • Access to data in a non-proprietary open system.
  • All IoT infrastructure
  • Keep focus on their core business and outsource the IoT infrastructure providing monitoring, storage, network and software
  • Remote firmware updates
  • Two-way communication with the SafeGuard™ Micro Processor Unit
  • Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n or cabled network

The users of the Coolers and Freezers uses the SynCore™ Platform to do the following:

  • One Dashboard that show the status of all coolers and freezers regardless the supplier
  • Setup alerts and notifications to 5 people using text and/or email
  • Automatic temperature logging every minute
  • Automatically generated temperature reports for the authorities
  • No manual temperature logging.
  • One click “Order Service” with all equipment data
  • Direct communication with the supplier in the Platform
  • Protect goods and customers by making sure food is stored at the correct temperature
  • Safe money on destroyed food